Baby book time – Baby Faces Peekaboo! and Baby’s Very First Touchy-Feely Book

My bigger boy is at nursery on a Monday so baby boy and I decided to have a good old explore of some of his baby books. At Christmas, when family asked what to get him, one of the things I said was books. I realised that we’d been looking at all the books we already had but they were actually bought for his big brother when he was a baby so he didn’t have many of his own. And of course, what better present is there than a book!

My baby boy is pretty good at rolling now and we have noticed that he will roll himself towards a pile of books if he can see them (it must be the genetic bookworm in him!) So, I thought I would lay out lots of books for him to roll to, pick up, chew and hopefully have look at too!

I’ve chosen to write about two that he particularly liked. Firstly, Baby Faces Peekaboo! by Dorling Kindersley Children.



This is a good sized board book with lovely clear, real life pictures of babies and toys. It’s big enough for a baby to handle and still be able to see the pages or look at whilst having tummy time. Each page has a big flap that is hiding babies pulling a different face. There are also different textured feely bits on each page allong with bright and colourful images, so plenty to engage a young baby. My baby loved the photos of the real babies, he was looking right at them and reaching towards their faces!


He laughed at me copying the different faces that each baby was doing too. Right now he can only do the happy face (it’s his default setting!) but I’m sure as he gets older he will enjoy copying the others too.

There is a mirror page at the end of this book so it was a definite winner for my little one. He loves looking in mirrors and does huge smiles and giggles at himself! This is always a great way to involve a baby in their book, especially in a peekaboo book like this where you can keep on playing peekaboo for as long as your little one is happy to.

My baby is getting the hang of these feely books, he will hit his hand to the colours, shapes and pictures and I can see how he stops when he discovers a part that feels different. So he really enjoyed Baby’s Very First Touchy-Feely Book. Our version of this book is from Marks and Spencer and is illustrated by Stella Baggott. Afterer searching for it online to check the details I’ve seen it has been published by Usborne too.


This book has a different texture to each page and is incorporated in to a brightly coloured picture of an object or animal. I really liked that each double page has contrasting background colours of black and white. This makes it appealing for very young babies too.


The last page has a smaller picture of each page from throughout the book so you can see all the pictures together. Again, they are on contrasting black and white backgrounds. Throughout the book each picture is described by the texture but on this last page they’re described by colour instead so it gives you something different to talk to your baby about. I really like this review page as I can start to talk about what we’ve just looked at. As my baby gets older it will be a good page for him to practice pointing and making sounds. For now he was happy to hit at the pictures, looking for the different textures!

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