Solomon Crocodile

“Zogman crocodile, please can we read that Mummy?” Asked my three year old most of this weekend.


Zogman Crocodile, sorry, Solomon Crocodile, to give it it’s correct title, is one of our newest books to add to our collection. Written and illustrated by Catherine Rayner and published by Macmillan Children’s Books is a tale about a crocodile who wants to play but unfortunately his games only upset his fellow river residents. My bigger boy looks genuinely saddened for Solomon as each potential playmate send him away. Poor Solomon has just about given up, that is until he finds a like-minded partner in crime…

I love this book, it is a joy to read out loud. The text invites you to pull out your funniest voices with the other animals croaking, singing, squawking and roaring. The illustrations are beautifully detailed and I particularly like the way that Solomon is drawn. His spots of different colours are chaotic and unkempt which perfectly reflect his wild character, so much so that he almost leaves them behind in his trail of mischief.


My bigger boy loves this story too, as a 3 year old he must spend so much of his time being told what not to do (usually because it involves things like climbing furniture to launch himself off or throwing things in the air) but here is Solomon, a mischievous, impulsive whirlwind doing just what he thinks is fun. I can see why we have read it so many times! There is also the opportunity to join in with shouting “TROUBLE!” at various points in the book, always good fun!

Crocodiles are becoming a bit of an obsession here at the moment, which is great timing as the follow up, Solomon and Mortimer, has just been released this month. We can’t wait to see what kind of trouble the two of them get up to.

Good old Zogman!

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