Baby books – looking at faces

My baby boy and I have had fun looking at our faces with the help of two of his board books:

The first one we read was Eyes, Nose, Toes Peekaboo! by Dorling Kindersley.


This is a bright and colourful book with photos of real babies and toys. My baby found these so engaging and got very excited looking at the babies faces. Each page focuses on a different body part and has a peekaboo flap to open. The flaps are nearly the whole page and sturdy too which is great for little hands as you can let them explore freely without worrying that they’ll rip them out accidentally. There are tactile elements to each page which highlight the body part it is focusing on. My baby’s favourite was the dinosaurs squashy red toes.


We went through this book talking about each different body part and repeating the names over and over whilst either tweaking them or tickling them. I got lots of lovely baby giggles in response to this game!

The last page has a peekaboo flap that reveals a smiley baby. We played peekaboo with this baby over and over, my boy loved it! He kept putting his hands on the picture and bouncing up and down, which I think was his way of telling me he wanted to do it again.


The second book we read was Is This My Nose? – Smile into the Mirror! by Georgie Birkett. Our version of this book is from Marks and Spencer but I think it was published by Red Fox originally.


This book looks at different parts of the face on each page and is illustrated with very sweet, full page pictures of babies and animals. It is a wonderfully happy book that invites you to play with your baby with lots of lovely repetition and praise in the text. We had fun looking at the different parts of each others faces as well as on the pictures in the book.


The last page of this book recaps all parts of the face and has a big mirror under a flap for you to look at your own face. My baby boy loves anything with a mirror in it so he was very happy at this page. You can fold it right over and stand it up too, great for looking into at tummy time. It’s big enough for us both to look into so a nice opportunity for a baby to look at their own and their grown ups face at the same time.

There are lots of activities that these books can lead in to, here’s a selection of some games and songs we did whilst reading these books:

– tickling or blowing on different body parts

– counting toes

– Heads, shoulders, knees and toes.

– This little piggie went to market.

– One finger one thumb keep moving.

– playing peekaboo with each other and cuddly toys.

Two great books to introduce little ones to faces and body parts, as baby boy gets older I’ll encourage him to point to different body parts and copy the sounds. For now he loves looking at the bright, happy pictures and the other babies of course, never too young to enjoy a book.

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