World Book Day – Supertato: Hap-pea Ever After

“Wait till I catch you evil pea!” Just one of the things I heard my 3 year old shouting whilst he was playing. At first I thought he was saying pig and couldn’t think where he would have picked up such an insult. Thankfully, I soon realised that he was actually acting out the story from Supertato: Hap-pea Ever After by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. Published by Simon & Schuster, this is one of this year’s £1 World Book Day books.


Supertato is a superhero of a vegetable kind, a potato of course!
Hap-pea Ever After follows our hero on a mission to help the veggies in the supermarket get some sleep. After trying and failing with a few different methods he realises that a bedtime story is the only way to get them to the land of nod. But where are all the stories? This is clearly the work of the evil pea! Will Supertato find the books and defeat the evil pea? Will those veggies ever get any sleep?

This is a laugh out loud book for both child and adult. I love the great use of puns that go right over my 3 year olds head but have me chuckling throughout. My favourite is the tower of books that “must be at least a hundred stories high!”


The illustrations are fantastic, bright and bold with lots of little details to talk about. We love all the different vegetables coming to life and giving them all funny voices. There is wonderful use of alliteration too which is always great when reading out loud.

My boy is obsessed with goodies, baddies and superheroes at the moment so he loved this story. He is still just a bit young for a lot of the superheroes he sees but Supertato is so wonderfully innocent it is perfectly pitched for him. His favourite part is when the evil pea changes the name of a Supertato book to “Poopertato” – brilliant!

Another masterpiece by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet it is both funny and silly in equal measures with unique and loveable characters. A perfect choice for a World Book Day £1 book, a great example of just how much fun reading is.

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