Finger puppet books – Spot’s Snowy Fun & The Snowman and The Snowdog

It may be March but the weather is still pretty cold and occasionally snowy so here’s a couple of books that are still seasonal (just) that baby boy has been enjoying recently.

Both published by Puffin they are The Snowman and The Snowdog by Raymond Briggs and Spot’s Snowy Fun by Eric Hill. The copies we have are both finger puppet editions of the books so the puppet is central to a new picture at each page turn.


The Snowman and The Snowdog is a simplified version of the story focusing on the actions of the Snowdog. Each double page has a full colour illustration and a short description of what the Snowdog is doing. This reworked version of The Snowman is just as magical as the classic tale and this version is great for little ones who can look at the pictures and start to talk about the things they see. My bigger boy will use this book to retell the story in more detail too (we have watched it hundreds of times so he is very familiar with it!)


Similarly, Spot’s Snowy Fun follows Spot on his adventures when he goes out in the snow. This book also focuses on the actions that Spot is doing in a series of recognisable activities to do on a snowy day. Spot is such a sweet character and one that I remember enjoying when I was little. Beautifully bright and colourful illustrations keep little ones engaged and short lines of exciting text allow the adult to add lots of expression whilst reading.


Both books are great for little ones who are just starting to reach out to books, the finger puppets mean there is something for them to grab hold of and it is lots of fun for the adult making the characters come alive. Both stories are fast paced and invite the reader to make lots of actions and sounds with the puppets.

My baby boy loves the finger puppets and wants to grab them all the way through as this rather blurry action shot shows!


We spend some extra time playing with the finger puppets, making woof and panting sounds and moving the finger puppets so he can watch them move. This would be a great activity for really small babies who have just learnt to track objects. These books always bring a smile to my baby’s face and he giggles away at the puppets moving, I love hearing him laugh so these books are definitely a winner in my eyes.

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