Noodle Loves the Farm

My baby boy is enjoying borrowing books from the library and one of his latest ones is Noodle Loves the Farm by Nosy Crow, illustrated by Marion Billet.


This book is part of a series of Noodle stories, you can view them all on the Nosy Crow website here:

I was drawn to this book as it is so colourful but without being over stimulating or too busy. Noodle is a happy little panda who, in this book, visits a farm. We’re introduced to all the animals that Noodle finds and each page has a lovely tactile element to it with part of the scene having a touchy-feely section. My baby likes the chickens bright orange, “feathers” they are a silky texture that stick out in curls and he enjoys pinching them in his fingers, great for practising pincer grip.

The text in the story is fun and engaging with lots of opportunities for adding in extra sounds that your little one can join in with as they get older. The last page has a picture of a cow drinking from a pond that is a mirror. The text on this page includes the sound of the cow saying “Moo!” so we look in to the mirror and shout “Moo!” really loudly. My baby boy thinks this is really funny and it’s a lovely activity to do with a baby as well as an older toddler who can look at them self shouting “Moo!”

I really love the illustrations, they are beautifully bright and full of colour. All the characters have big eyes and happy smiles (even the little insects) so it is a lovely, cheerful story to share. We’ll definitely be looking out for some more of Noodle’s adventures.

You can view more of Marion Billet’s work here:

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