Baby Touch – Peekaboo & Hello Baby

My baby boy is now 9 months old and has learnt how to turn pages and open and close books – very exciting! He particularly likes it when we get to the end of a book and I say, “The End!” and close the book, it always makes him smile so we repeat it again and again. Fortunately, he is still enjoying the rest of the books, not just the ending.

Two books he’s currently enjoying looking at are from the Baby Touch Ladybird series. Baby Touch Peekaboo is a large board book written by Justine Smith and illustrated by Fiona Land.


The book is engaging and appropriate for babies through to toddlers so it is a good one that will grow with them. Each double page has a large flap to play peekaboo with an animal or vehicle hiding underneath it. It has lovely bright images with big blocks of colours and patterns. There are animals, vehicles, people and weather pictures so a nice mix of different things, each illustrated with a friendly, smiley face. For younger children it works brilliantly as a picture book but as they get older the text encourages them to further interact with the pictures with questions, actions, sounds and descriptions.

Each page also has a tactile element to it, including the front cover, with a different texture to discover. The title of Peekaboo is carried through the book with each page ending with the animal on it saying “peekaboo!” Each large flap also has a small hole in it to play peekaboo or for little fingers to poke through and feel the texture underneath. It’s lovely to look through and find favourite pictures, colours and textures. The last page is hiding a little mirror and the text leads you to say peekaboo to the baby you are reading the story with which is always a lovely addition. My baby boy adores a mirror, he really loves to smile at his own reflection so this is a great feature for him.

The larger size of this book makes it really appealing to little ones as they can fully explore it with both hands, it can also get propped up if they are having tummy time or sitting up on the floor. The flaps and pages are really sturdy which is great as it’s definitely one to come back to again and again as your child gets older.

We spotted Baby Touch Hello Baby! In the library a few weeks ago, I recognised it as similar to the Peekaboo book so my baby boy checked this one out with his very own library card. I can’t find the details of the author or illustrator but is also published by Ladybird.


This book introduces us to a different animal on each double page with their baby, the text alternates between the animal being a mummy or a daddy and each baby animal has a touchy-feely part for little fingers. A different background colour and pattern within it on every page contrasts nicely with the brightly coloured, friendly animals. Each animal also has a relevant sound or action written next to them so it encourages the reader to include these whilst reading.

The text is nicely repetitive, saying hello and repeating the word baby on each page. The last page has a mirror to say hello to the baby you are sharing the book with. My baby’s favourite page (apart from the mirror of course) is the velvety tummy of the baby rabbit, he enjoys running his fingers over it. It’s amazing to see how quickly he learns and remembers where all the touchy-feely parts are on each page. This book has been a lovely one for my bigger boy to share with his baby brother, the text is easy to remember and he can tell his brother the story even though he can’t read the words.

Bright and colourful with great opportunities to explore and interact with the books and pictures, I love sharing these books with my baby boy and it’s so lovely to start to see him responding to the books we’re reading.

There are more Baby Touch books available from Ladybird, you can view them here:


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