The Witch with an Itch – Dragon v Dinosaur

We borrowed this book from the library as my bigger boy was intrigued about a book that had a baddy versus another baddy! The Witch with an Itch – Dragon v Dinosaur is written by Helen Baugh and illustrated by Deborah Allwright. Published by Jonathan Cape, this is the second Witch with an Itch book.


The story features the littlest witch and her twin brother the wizard. They are very competitive and when they receive an invitation to a fancy dress party with a prize on offer for the best costume they start competing over who will win.

Being a witch and a wizard they can magic a costume with a wave of their wands. The witch turns herself into a princess and the wizard becomes a clown but they soon start trying to outdo each other. The costumes get bigger and better until they are no longer a boy and a girl but a huge dragon and terrifying dinosaur squaring up to each other. The witch, who suffers from attacks of conscience-related itching, suddenly starts itching all over and in her frenzy to scratch she falls on the wands and breaks them. Left with no magic to help them the twins have to work together to find a costume in time for the party. Will they be able to put their competitiveness to one side so they can go to the party? And who will win the prize for best costume?

This is a lovely story about sibling rivalry and the benefits of working together all wrapped up in a magical rhyming text. I really love the choice of words used in this story, for a person (like me) who likes words and enjoys how different words sound together it really is a treat. My favourite line comes when the witch turns herself into a pirate during the fancy dress fight: “She made a dramatic piratic marauder – a captain of chaos and rampant disorder.” A brilliant use of words to create a powerful image and so fantastic to read out loud too!

The whole look of this book is wonderful, the words whizz and fly around the pages as the twins cast their spells and the illustrations are enchanting. It’s a real delight to look through and read, we find something new in the pictures on each re-read. Our favourite page is the picture of the party, we love looking at all the costumes, especially the child dressed as a teapot playing on the swing and of course, eyeing up all delicious looking cakes and treats on the party table!

This book will be sure to delight your little ones, especially those who enjoy dressing up. My bigger boy recently went to a fancy dress party and won the prize for best costume (he was a pirate, which will come as no surprise to those who’ve read our most recent posts) I think he is storing the ideas from this book ready for his next party!

I’d love to hear what your little ones (or even your own) favourite fancy dress costumes are. Please leave me a comment and let me know.

You can find out more about author Helen Baugh on her website here:

And you must take a look at this gorgeous and fun website from Deborah Allwright:


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18 thoughts on “The Witch with an Itch – Dragon v Dinosaur

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  1. This sounds a fun story. My kids love dressing up, but I’m not very creative, so theirs tend to mostly be ones I find at the charity shops, although son2 did ask for Ron Weasley costume at Xmas. Luckily found one on eBay. #readwithme


  2. I love rhyming picture books and I the themes of sibling rivalry and magic make this book really tempting. Thanks for sharing – I’ll be seeking it out. #readwithme


  3. Sounds like a great read. Our two Tiddlers love dressing up. Dinosaurs are often roaming our house! ‘Stomp Stomp Stomp’…


      1. Ah yes, stegosaurus to be exact… Although apparently they roar like a T-Rex and stomp like a Gigantasousous (another great book)!


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