I Need a Wee! by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet

I Need a Wee! by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet is causing lots of giggles in our house at the moment. We have a few books from this hilarious team, my bigger boy loves them. We reviewed Supertato: Hap-Pea Ever After on World Book Day. They are so addictive with their sweet and silly characters, they are also brilliantly funny.

Published by Simon & Schuster, I need a Wee! is a book full of colour, fun and laugh out loud silliness. We join Alan, a bear who is enjoying himself at the fair but… he needs a wee. He doesn’t want to go for a wee because there are just too many exciting things to see and do. His two companions, Giraffe and Robot, manage to get him to the loos but the queue is too long, Alan says he can’t hold on! What follows is a frantic and funny search for a place to wee. They find many receptacles that could pass for a toilet but none are quite right. That is until he accidentally enters a toy dancing competition…
I won’t spoil the story and say where Alan finally manages to relieve himself but the look on his face when he does is hilarious!
The illustrations are so appealing with bright, bold colours and happy characters with big, expressive features. I love the title page which has a picture of a winding road illustrating Alan’s eventful trip to the toilet. This is great as children can use it as a prompt to retell the story and talk about all the places that Alan visits.
I think I enjoyed this book as much as my 3 year old, it is great fun and there is so much to laugh at. Not least being able to shout out “I NEED A WEE!” many times throughout the story. There are brilliant lines that crack us up every time, “It’s a teapot – not a wee-pot!” is our favourite, in fact we quote it and giggle whenever we hear the word “teapot”.
This is a perfect book to enjoy with your children, there is something so precious about genuinely laughing out loud and sharing jokes with them. My boy loves the word “wee” being repeated so many times, it’s such a joy to be so silly with him. I Need a Wee! reminds me that we should devote a bit more of our lives to being silly and always, always laugh unashamedly at words like wee.
You can find out more about Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet’s books here, you’ll also find some great games and downloadable activities:
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14 thoughts on “I Need a Wee! by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet

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  1. This sounds a fun book. Children always love stories related to the toilet. We’ve re-read Father Christmas needs a wee so many times #readwithme


  2. This is a lovely review and the book really appeals to me… to read to my 3yo of course! #readwithme


  3. This book sounds adorable! It’s funny how kids love stories about wees & poos. The character illustration is lovely too! #ReadWithMe x


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