Superhero Dad by Timothy Knapman & Joe Berger

The world of comic book superheroes has very much invaded our house, my bigger boy loves them. He wants to know everything about all the different superheroes so I’m trying to keep up and learn all the different names, the background stories, the powers and the theme tunes of them all, it has been a huge learning curve!

Naturally, he was immediately drawn to Superhero Dad by Timothy Knapman, illustrated by Joe Berger because of the brilliant picture of a superhero on the front cover.


Published by Nosy Crow this is the story of how one seemingly ordinary Dad is (according to his son at least) actually a superhero. The boy in this book is superhero obsessed and he clearly loves his Dad a huge amount too so it’s no wonder that he thinks his Dad is a superhero. The book is written in rhyme with the boy taking us through all the super things that his Dad does that make him SUPERHERO DAD! Brilliant breakfasts, super funny jokes, homemade treehouses… you name it, this Dad can do it.

Of course, we know that superheroes aren’t real and this book offers a knowing wink to the grown ups reading it. The brilliant illustrations manage to show the wonders that the boy sees his Dad doing whilst at the same time display the really very ordinary and fallible actions of Dad. There’s a great picture of Dad lifting the family’s dog up high above his head in a display of super strength, beads of sweat on his forehead, the son watching proudly with two thumbs up… of course the dog is tiny.

This is such a heart-warming and funny book about the relationship between Dads and their children, it has a lovely message at the end too that just melted my heart. The comic book style illustrations make the superhero feats all the more super with explosions of colours and stars. A perfect book for Dads to share with their children.

Bedtime stories are Dad’s job in our house and I was so excited for Dad to read this one to the boys.

It was in the news last year that children benefit more from Dads reading to them so this would be a perfect book to encourage this or to keep up a good habit. The Booktrust have also launched a campaign to promote this – Get Dads Reading.

You can read more about the author, Timothy Knapman on his website here.

There’s more examples of Joe Berger’s brilliant illustrations on his website here.

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