A Puppy’s Tale by Alan Windram, illustrated by Chloë Holwill-Hunter

We were recently sent a copy of A Puppy’s Tale by Alan Windram, illustrated by Chloë Holwill-Hunter.


Published by Little Door Books, this is a sweet picture book about an over excitable pup named Georgie who wants to join in and play with everyone she meets. She strays off the path in hot pursuit of frogs, bunnies and squirrels as she tries to jump, hop and run around just like them. However, she soon finds herself lost, alone and frightened until a friendly blackbird shows her the way home.

The illustrations are gorgeous and each page has a different colour in a range of shades and patterns. As Georgie wanders deeper into the woods the colours get darker until we see her curled up in a ball looking very small with the branches of a tree in dark shades of red and purple looming over her.


Happily, we see the backgrounds changing back to brighter colours as Georgie finds her way home.


The animals are adorable with big eyes and lots of expression. I love the wide-eyed rabbits bouncing around the woods, they look wild! These provide great opportunities to talk about emotions as we see Georgie’s big smiles turn sad with huge tears filling her eyes.

We like all the action words that jump around the pages after the excitable animals. My bigger boy likes to flick to a page and copy the actions of the animals he can see. Hopping is pretty tricky for a little one and takes some practice!

A sweet and endearing book, little ones will love following Georgie and her friends through the woods and safely back home.

Little Door Books is an independent book publishers, you can find out more about them here.

And, if you’re around for the Edinburgh Festival then you can catch Alan Windram and Chloe Holwill-Hunter on the 19th August.

Many thanks to Little Door Books who sent me a free copy of A Puppy’s Tale for review.

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14 thoughts on “A Puppy’s Tale by Alan Windram, illustrated by Chloë Holwill-Hunter

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  1. Awww, what a lovely book! The illustrations are beautiful and the story sounds lovely too. My daughter would enjoy this book 🙂 xx #ReadWithMe


  2. Thank you for all the fabulous comments about our new book…we are so pleased you like it. Chloë has done an amazing job in illustrating and I am looking forward to working with her again for my next picture book. If you are in Edinburgh in August come along to our event @edbookfest 19th Aug. Chloë and I would love to meet you.


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