The Awesome Body Book by Adam Frost

I have a three year old and like any small person he is very inquisitive; I get asked a LOT of questions. All the time. I’ve found it tricky to find non-fiction books that have quick, accessible facts but The Awesome Body Book by Adam Frost is perfect.


Published by Bloomsbury, this is a fun book that is bursting with facts and figures about the body. However, this is not the run-of-the-mill information about the body book that you might expect, this book has the interesting stuff. The gross stuff, the facts that will wow you and the answers to the questions you wouldn’t dare ask your Science teachers!

The whole book is presented as a collection of colourful and eye-catching infographics which makes every page instantly appealing. There are cartoon-like illustrations and funny captions that keep the subject matter lighthearted.


This book has a strange ability to give you answers to questions that you didn’t even realise you wanted to ask; “Do loud farts smell less?” for instance. And while we’re talking about farts, I love that there are two whole double pages completely dedicated to them!


There are so many great stats in this book as well as weird and wonderful records. We have the strongest beard, dreadlocks that weigh the same as a young child and the longest time spent sitting in a bath of ice, to name a few. Adults might even learn a few things too – Did you know that no one can hum whilst holding their nose?

(You just tried it right!?)

This book goes beyond just looking at the mechanics of the human body, it explores cultural differences, touches on areas of psychology and linguistics and compares human bodies and behaviour to that of animals.

The brilliance of this book is that you can open it at any page and immediately find something interesting or funny. It would be a great book for anyone but in particular I think it would appeal to reluctant readers as it can be read without the reader feeling like they have to sit down and read. There is no beginning or ending, no chapters or contents. Just bite-sized, accessible and fantastically presented, brilliant facts.

You can find out more about Adam Frost and his other books on his website here.

Many thanks to Bloomsbury for sending me a free copy of The Awesome Body Book for review.

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11 thoughts on “The Awesome Body Book by Adam Frost

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  1. I love books like this! Like you say, they’re great for kids, but they’re good for adults too. And I’m pretty sure I DID just hum while holding me nose! OK, I couldn’t keep it up for long because I felt like I might die, but I did it!


  2. Nope I certainly can’t hum and hold my nose lol! Great review, sounds a really interesting book, I think my daughter would love it 🙂 #readwithme


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