The Lines on Nana’s Face by Simona Ciraolo

The Lines on Nana’s Face by Simona Ciraolo (published by Flying Eye Books) is a truly stunning picture book. It celebrates life, love and family as we meet Nana who is celebrating her birthday.


The story is told from the perspective of a young girl, Nana’s grandaughter, as she asks her Nana about the lines on her face. These are the sort of questions that only young children can get away with and the kind that will usually only be entertained by doting grandparents.

Nana explains that the lines in her face are where she keeps her memories; a lovely way to look at wrinkles, tangible reminders of the most emotional experiences that shape a life. Nana shares her memories with her grandaughter as she ponders each individual line and for each one she gives a short but intriguing explanation which is brought to life with full page illustrations.



Further words are not needed to accompany these memories, the pictures speak for themselves and they provide such wonderful talking points. The pages of this book are simply bursting with emotions and real feelings that will entice any reader, young or old, to stop, study them and imagine the stories behind them.

The illustrations are fabulous, warm and full of meaningful details. Simona Ciraolo is incredibly talented at capturing true emotion and human expression in her characters. She has managed to portray both the innocence of youth and the wisdom of old age perfectly. I particularly love Nana’s eyes, they are so real, so thoughtful, so caring.

I also want to take a moment to appreciate the end papers in this book, a gorgeous collection of Nana’s trinkets and photos in gorgeous shades of pink…


I am a huge fan of books about grandparents, I cry every time I read Grandad’s Island by Benji Davies. Consequently, I adore this book! The unconditional love and admiration between grandparent and grandchild is clear to see. It is a true treasure, a sentimental and beautiful book that is perfect for children and adults to enjoy.

You can find out more about Simona Ciraolo on her webiste here.

Many thanks to Flying Eye Books for sending a free copy of The Lines on Nana’s Face for review.




16 thoughts on “The Lines on Nana’s Face by Simona Ciraolo

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  1. We got a copy of this too but I decided not to review it as not sure that BookBairn’s grandma’s would like us to discuss the lines on their faces on our blog. But I thought it was a lovely story! #readwithme


  2. This sounds beautiful. There’s something so special about the relationship between grandparent and grandchild and grandparents really do have some amazing memories!


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