How to Hide a Lion at School by Helen Stephens

How to Hide a Lion at School by Helen Stephens (published by Alison Green Books for Scholastic) is the third in a series of stories about Iris and her faithful Lion.


You can read our review of the first book, How to Hide a Lion. (The second book, How to Hide a Lion from Grandma, was a birthday present for my now 4 year old so we will get a review of it up soon!)

Iris and the lion became friends when he tried to hide in her house from the people in the town who were scared of him. But after saving the mayor’s candlesticks from being stolen by some robbers he is now somewhat of a local hero. However, he is yet to ingratiate himself to Iris’s teacher, Miss Holland, who refuses to let him come to school.

So, our favourite lion does what he does best, hides of course! As we know though, hiding a lion is a tricky business and Miss Holland is not easily fooled.


Children will instantly relate to these places in school and to see a lion hiding there is just so funny. I particularly like his expression as he peeps out of the top of the piano!

One day, after being sent away yet again, the lion decides to have a nap just near to the playground. The only problem is his chosen nap spot is on top of the school bus that the children are boarding to go on their school trip. I won’t give too much away about how the lion tries to hide in the museum except to say it is very funny and he may even manage to win over Miss Holland in the process.

The illustrations are fabulous as ever and Helen Stephens’ wonderfully relaxed drawings bring this story to life. We recently saw Helen at NiddFest and I was in awe at the way she creates her images with seemingly effortless strokes of a dip pen and ink.

I love this beautiful scene when the children (and the lion) arrive at the museum. You can almost feel that crisp, autumnal air blowing the leaves across the sky.


A brilliantly heart-warming story that is perfect for children going back to or starting school. But the thing we want to know is, just where will this lion try hiding next?

You can find out more about Helen Stephens and all her lovely books on her website here.

Thank you to Scholastic for sending me a copy of this book to review.

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