DK sound books -Noisy Playtime Peekaboo! & Growl! Howl! Animals

Lift-the-flap books are a favourite in our house and we were lucky enough to be sent two from DK Books. These are lift-the-flap books with a difference as they have light-activated sounds hiding under the flaps.

Noisy Playtime Peekaboo! is aimed at 12 months upwards.


It features objects that little ones will recognise from around the house such as a clock, a washing machine and a watering can. There is a big flap to lift on each page that activates the sound for the object you uncover.

The book is illustrated with a mixture of drawings and photographs in bright, bold colours that will grab little ones’ attentions. We really like the drawn on goggly eyes and mouths on each of the objects for that added touch of silliness.


This is a great book to read together with text that includes questions and noises to repeat, brilliant for engaging little ones. It’s also one that young children can easily explore on their own as the flaps are big enough for little hands to grab and lift. My one-year-old loves the page with the radio that plays a tune; he smiles and dances every time!


Our second book from this range is Growl! Howl! Animals which is aimed at slightly older children.


A fun and exciting journey into the world of animals this book has so much to discover. There are lots of flaps on each page hiding creatures and plants whilst the text guides you to challenge your little one with counting and guessing. Each double page hides an animal under a bigger flap that sets off its sound when lifted up.


Following the adventures of an inquisitive Tiger cub this is a sweet story packed full of words to expand vocabularies and opportunities for conversations about animals. Again, this book is a mix of photographs and illustration creating vibrant and appealing scenes that are bursting with colour.


We really enjoy looking at these books and my little boy goes back to them again and again. As well as beginning to recognise the labels of the objects and animals he has also started to copy the sounds he hears. The unique way that these books include sounds is wonderful, it’s great to see the look of surprise mixed with joy when my little one discovers a picture that also makes a noise. Now he can walk he will often go to his books to find the ones he wants to look at, he often chooses these and they always bring a smile to his face.

Many thanks to DK Books for sending free copies of Noisy Playtime Peekaboo! & Growl! Howl! Animals for review.

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  1. DK do make lovely educational books with a great mix of illustrations. My little nephew would love the first book (although I fear for the flaps!) and my niece would like the animal book.


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