The Colors of My Jewish Year

The Colors of My Jewish Year by Marji Gold-Vukson and illustrated by Madeline Wikler (published by Kar-Ben Publishing) is a sweet board book for little ones that introduces colours as well as significant festivals in the Jewish calendar.


Each page asks the question, “What is….?” followed by a different colour. The answers are in the form of objects associated with Jewish festivals or celebrations; the red apples that we dip in honey on Rosh Hashanah to the orange glow of the Shabbat candles.

Set against a white background the illustrations are beautifully simple with bright, bold colours. Such high contrast images make this a great book for sharing with babies.


Teaching colours to young children can be done in so many ways and there are many books that will help support it. But we were so happy to find this one as the diverse subject is relevant to our family.

As with any non fiction book like this it provides us with the starting points for further discussions. This book not only helps consolidate learning the colours but also engages my children with their Jewish identity. My four-year-old was quick to think of other things that we use for prayer or during festivals and categorise them based on their colour. As for my one-year-old, he is enjoying recognising the items he sees in the book.

An engaging and vibrant book this book is sure to appeal to little ones and would be a great present for a new baby.

There are three more books in this series that would be great for a first collection, you can view them on the Kar-Ben website here.

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