Bugs, Bees and other Buzzy Creatures from DK Books

Bugs, Bees and other Buzzy Creatures is a non fiction book published by DK Books. Part of the Practical Facts for Little People series, aimed at ages 3 – 5, it is full of facts and fun activities.


Bugs, minibeasts, creepie-crawlies; whatever you like to call them this book gives young children an insight into their tiny world and amazing skills. We start off with a page that helps the reader to classify bugs on a simple level, by counting their legs. There are big, clear photographs of the bugs so we could count the legs to check for ourselves – from slugs who have no legs (but do have a foot) to millipedes who have more than 100.

There are double page spreads dedicated to different types of bugs, looking at them in detail and explaining the different and fascinating ways that they live. All the bugs that are featured have their own unique skills which are explained in a simple and accessible way for young children; the speedy dragonflies, jumping crickets and busy bees making honey in their hive.


“Did you know?” facts on each page give quick and easy to remember snippets about the bugs, such as beetles communicating by releasing smells because they can’t see very well. We found the ants page really interesting, especially thinking about how strong they are and how efficient they are at digging their nests. There’s a nice ant maze puzzle in the book and we enjoyed following the tunnels to make our way to the queen.


The pages are appealing to look at with a mixture of illustrations and full colour photographs which make the bugs really stand out. The text is separated into short paragraphs or labels with a choice of fonts that are clear and well spaced, making this a perfect book for young readers.

There are five hands-on activities in this book that all relate to the different bugs. It’s a good range of activities; making models, painting, sticking and baking. We decided to try out the ladybird pebble activity as we’d recently collected lots of round, white pebbles from the seaside. Whenever we spot ladybirds my four-year-old likes to count their spots so he was really keen to do lots of spots on our pebbles.


We decided to paint most of our ladybirds red with a few yellow and orange ones. I let my bigger boy decide how many spots each ladybird should have and he coloured most of the spots in with a marker pen. Then he decided that they all needed legs so he turned them over and drew lines for legs on the bottom of the pebbles (6 on each of course!) I added a coat of PVA glue once they were finished as a varnish.  Here’s our happy bunch of ladybird pebbles enjoying a sunny day on our lawn…


A perfect book for any children who love getting out bug hunting with some great rainy day projects too. This would also be a great addition to a Key Stage 1 or Early Years classroom and the easy to set up activities provide inspiration for wonderful hands on learning as well as beautiful classroom displays.

Many thanks to DK Books for sending a copy of this book for review.

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  1. This looks a great book and very informative! At our primary school they learn about mini-beasts in year 1 and I could imagine this book would still be of interest to 6 and 7 year olds.
    I absolutely love your pebble ladybirds!


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