The World-Famous Book of Magical Numbers by Sarah Goodreau

Roll up roll up for a tour of numbers like you’ve seen before… The World-Famous Book of Magical Numbers by Sarah Goodreau is a beautifully crafted non fiction book, published by Big Picture Press.


We join the magician in his big top as he conjures up the numbers 1-10 with tricks, illusions and sorcery. Cleverly engineered with a range of interactive features, the numbers reveal themselves on each page through lift-up flaps, pull-out tabs and pop-up pictures. Our particular favourite is a pop-up hand of cards where 7 and 8 fold out from the back of the deck.


The tricks reveal sets of different items that match the number on the page and are accompanied by a short line of text. The words in this book are sparse but those used are descriptive and peppered with lovely alliterative phrases.


Retro illustrations and patterns give this book a wonderfully nostalgic feel of old-time magic shows. Bold and colourful, this is an eye-catching and appealing book with a new trick to discover at every page turn.

Numbers are presented as digits, written words and in arrays. 0 is also featured which you don’t always see, another good feature to help consolidate learning. More than simply teaching numbers however, this book is fun and children will enjoy revealing the illusions over and over again.


Sturdy and well made, the pages and tabs are thick and durable, perfect for such an inviting and playful book. It is sure to withstand many storytimes.

You can see more of Sarah Goodreau’s beautiful artwork on her website here.

Many thanks to Big Picture Press for sending a copy of this book for review.

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