Usborne Look Inside Things That Go

Look Inside Things That Go by Rob Lloyd Jones and Stefano Tognetti is a brilliant non fiction book for young children. Published by Usborne, it explores many different types of vehicles.


From trains to planes, trucks to tractors and cruise ships to racing cars there is a wealth of information for any little one who loves these big machines we call vehicles. Each page looks at a different type of vehicle with full colour, detailed scenes. Short paragraphs and labels tell the reader a wide range of facts; how the vehicles are made or work, how they run, the history of how they have changed over the years, how big they are, how fast they go….

The many lift-up flaps reveal even more information as well as additional illustrations showing the mechanics and contents of the vehicles. This is a perfect book for any little ones who love lifting the flaps, on some pictures there are flaps to lift hidden underneath flaps! We had read this many times before we noticed a couple of tiny ones that we hadn’t opened yet. You can imagine the joy when my four-year-old lifted the motor home flap and spotted a little door that revealed a man sitting on a toilet shouting, “Hey!”

The illustrations are wonderful; bright and colourful, cartoony enough to appeal to young children whilst still maintaining a level of accuracy and detail. There are so many things happening, we discover something new at every read and with thick, sturdy pages it is showing little signs of wear and tear.

One of the great things about this book is how accessible it is. For my one-year-old, much of the written information is too complicated for him to understand, but he loves looking through it. He will turn the pages spotting vehicles, saying their names or making their sounds and loves lifting the flaps to find new pictures. For my four-year-old this book is able to answer so many of the questions he has about vehicles. I found it particularly useful when he asked me to explain the inner workings of a combine harvester!

Packed full of information and exciting illustrations, this book is a must for any fans of these big things that go.

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