My First Fun Question and Answers

My First Fun Questions and Answers is a fabulous first reference book for children, published by Miles Kelly.


As the title suggests, this book provides the answers to many questions that children have about the world. Hundreds of questions to be precise! Split in to different sections, the book covers 13 different themes with a focus on geography, history and science. These include sections dedicated to popular topics like Ancient Egypt, Romans and the Vikings. The start of each section has its own contents list of questions for easy referencing.


Pages are a mixture of text, illustrations and photographs with questions answered in short, fact-filled paragraphs. As anyone with young children will know, the rate at which they ask questions can be pretty fast, as well as the breadth of topics they want to know about! The quick-fire questions and answers in this book will perfectly suit inquisitive and busy minds, hungry to find out about the world.


As well as general factual questions such as “What is a rainforest?” or “How do I hear sounds?”, the book also answers more complex questions like “Can earthquakes start fires?” and “Was Santa a Viking?”. My four-year-old loves finding out things about pirates so he was thrilled to see a whole section dedicated to them, he particularly likes to know about their treasure…


Small boxes of text throughout the book offer practical information, things to try, puzzles to ponder and challenges to find out more. This is a great feature as it encourages the reader to interact with the information, consolidate what they have learnt and start to think critically. The sections end with a quiz to test the readers knowledge and invite them to describe things in their own words.


Fast-paced and fun, this book would be a great addition to any library, at home or in schools. It is sure to answer many questions that children ask but it will also inspire them to ask more, which is just as important. We never stop learning and we should always keep asking questions.

Many thanks to Miles Kelly for sending a copy of this book for review.

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