A Year in the Garden Colouring Book by Clair Rossiter

A Year in the Garden is a beautiful colouring book by Clair Rossiter. Published by Bloomsbury with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


This book is a journey through the changing seasons, exploring the flowers and wildlife in a garden. The first page shows a gorgeous garden gate surrounded by climbing ivy, the gate open just slightly inviting you to push it open and step inside. Once you do you are welcomed by wonderful illustrations to colour. From the first Snowdrops in January To Holly and Poinsettias in December, familiar flowers bloom from the pages, their colours yet to be decided.


The illustrations are exquisite, playful yet detailed and full of the joy and beauty of nature. The front cover gives you some ideas of how to colour in the pictures with delicate flowers outlined in gold foil. As well as the detailed study of flowers, some pages are full garden scenes to colour, bursting with detail, featuring plants and animals to spot and learn about.


As much a non fiction book as it is a colouring book, there are so many things to discover; the names of flowers, the activities of animals and insects at different times of the year and the delicate details of Mother Nature. My four-year-old was really keen to find out more about plants that can catch their own food.


As we’ve been looking at this book in the autumn it inspired us to go for autumn walks to take notice of nature, my four-year-old can now identify different trees based on their leaves. We also investigated what colours we should use to colour in the pictures. Here’s some of the amazing autumn colours we found.


A beautiful book that will develop children’s curiosity and creativity. The illustrations will inspire children to find out more and encourage them to engage with the natural world, appreciating the fine details. This would be a lovely, year long project book to track the changes that happen as the seasons progress.

You can see more of Clair Rossiter’s fabulous artwork, including her love of drawing characters with wobbly limbs, on her website here.

Many thanks to Bloomsbury for sending a copy of this book for review.


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