Whose Bottom?

Whose Bottom? written by Fiona Munro, illustrated by Jo Moon and published by Ladybird Books is a lift-the-flap book of animals.


This is an animal book with a difference however as we are introduced to the animals by their bottoms. On each new page we are faced with a different animal’s bottom and set the challenge of guessing whose bottom is whose.

The bottoms in question are accompanied by a light-hearted rhyming text that flows through the book giving clues to the owner. Lifting the flap reveals the animal as well as uncovering a funny description of their bottom.

“My bottom helps me balance.” says the penguin. While the elephant tells us about how useful it is to have a tail: “Flapping keeps off the flies!”

There isn’t a vast range of non fiction books for babies and toddlers and although this is a picture book I would class it as non fiction too. As well as helping to learn the names of animals, the book describes basic facts about the jobs their unique bottoms help them to do. My eldest son finds it fascinating that a crocodile’s bottom is good for swimming.

Illustrated in bright, bold colours with friendly and happy animals that make this book wonderfully appealing. The flaps are big and sturdy, easy for little hands to lift and strong enough to read again and again. There is of course the other reason that makes this book so appealing, it’s about bottoms! My son finds this hilarious, any excuse to be able to talk about bottoms!


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