Farm Animals from DK Books

Farm Animals is a non fiction book published by DK Books. Part of the Practical Facts for Little People series, aimed at ages 3 – 5, it is full of facts and fun activities.


Farms are full of interesting sights, sounds and smells that fascinate young children and this book is a brilliant introduction to the lives of animals who live on them. We start off with a map showing the animals in their different fields with small snippets of information about them.


There are double page spreads dedicated to different types of animals, showing them as babies though to adults as well as different breeds. All the animals play their part in making up a farm and their jobs and skills are explained in an accessible way for young children. We see chicks hatching out of eggs, count sheep and find out why pigs like to roll around in mud so much.


The pages are full of facts, from the distinctive features of the animals to their family groups and diets. There are “Did you know?” facts that give quick and easy to remember facts about farm animals, such as goats being able to climb trees. We did not know this and my four-year-old thought the picture of 4 goats standing in a tree was really funny!


The pages are appealing to look at with a mixture of illustrations and full colour photographs which making the animals really stand out. The text is separated into short paragraphs or labels with a choice of fonts that are clear and well spaced, making this a perfect book for young readers.

We really enjoyed the “Who’s my mum?” page where we could trace the different animals footprints and discover the names of baby animals.


There are five hands-on activities in this book that all relate to the different animals. They range from making models, painting, sticking and cooking, something for everyone. We decided to try out the strawberry milkshake recipe using milk from cows. My four-year-old chose this activity from the book which I was really pleased with as he’s not keen on fruit so any way to get him to have some is good for me!

He really enjoyed whizzing the strawberries and milk up together in the blender. We added an extra stage to this of sieving the milkshake to remove the seeds from the strawberries to please picky eaters. Then we served them in tall glasses with straws, delicious!


A perfect book for young children, it provides so many additional learning opportunities with some great rainy day projects too. This would also be a great addition to a Key Stage 1 or Early Years classroom, the strawberry milkshake recipe in particular would make a lovely whole class activity about healthy eating. All the activities are easy to set up and provide inspiration for wonderful hands on learning as well as beautiful classroom displays.

We have reviewed another book in this series, Bugs, Bees and Other Buzzy Creatures, you can read our review here.

Many thanks to DK Books for sending a copy of this book for review.


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