My First Touch and Feel Pets

My one-year-old is really enjoying choosing books from the library and a current favourite of his is My First Touch and Feel Pets from Little Tiger Press.


Touch and feel books are a great way to introduce books to babies and make reading a multi-sensory experience. In this book, each page turn shows us a different pet with a textured panel that feels like the animal.

A rabbit, puppy, parrot, kitten and a lizard are all featured using big photo illustrations on a white background. The page that faces the animal has a black background, a nice contrast for little ones, and has brightly cololured text about how the animals look, move or sound.

“I am very feathery and colourful and I… squawk squawk squawk” says the parrot. This is a lovely way to talk about the pets with children; the name of the animals aren’t actually mentioned in the text so rather than focusing on teaching the labels of the animals it encourages you to use more expressive language to describe them. We enjoy mimicking the actions; wriggling with the lizard and hopping up and down with the rabbit.

Thick, sturdy pages make it perfect for little ones to turn the pages on their own and interact with the book. My son enjoys pointing at the animals and making sounds as well as exploring the different textures.

A lovely book for babies and toddlers to enjoy with a variety of tactile elements to enjoy. This is a perfect first book to share with little ones and encourage a love of books and reading.

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