Ladybird Learners: At Home

Ladybird Learners: At Home is a lovely non fiction title for toddlers from Ladybird Books, illustrated by Martina Hogan.


This friendly and cheerful book takes us on a tour around a house with each double page dedicated to a different room. The layout of the book is great; a big illustration of a recognisable object from the room is shown on one page with the facing page split into four boxes that show different things that happen there. Most pages start with a question to ask too; on the kitchen page the reader is asked “What do you think people do in the kitchen?” With four illustrated answers showing “Wash the dishes. Make a Cake. Cook a meal. Have a snack.”

Brightly coloured, vibrant illustrations stand out against a simple white background with cartoon-like characters. These sweet and innocent pictures are full of joy and make this book a delight to share with little ones. A nicely sized book for toddlers to hold and with thick pages and curved corners it’s one they will easily be able to look through themselves.

On the last page, children are encouraged to look for objects in the book that belong in a house, with clearly labelled pictures to build on their vocabulary. But the great thing about this book is how well it goes beyond that identification and receptive understanding of first words. By expanding language from the names of objects to actions and concepts it encourages and supports early conversations. All of which could help strengthen language development and understanding. As well as opening up opportunities for talking with an adult, the many different actions we see can also inspire role play or small world play.

A gorgeous book with delightful illustrations, perfect for a busy toddler and so much more than just a book of first words.

There are more books in the Ladybird Learners series, you can view them here.


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