Jane Foster’s ABC

ABC is a delightful first word book by author and illustrator Jane Foster, published by Templar Publishing.


First word books are a lovely introduction to sharing books with your baby and what better than this fabulously stylish book that will appeal to adults as much as children. Starting with “A is for armadillo”, which makes a refreshing change from apples, the pages show different pictures for every letter of the alphabet. The letters are shown in upper and lower case and at the end of the book is a collection of all the items in a wonderfully colourful grid filling a full page.

What makes this book special is the design; bright and vibrant, full of different colours and patterns filling the backgrounds of the pages. Jane Foster’s unique, bold-lined drawings stand out, glossy prints against matt pages which add a subtle tactile element. The kind of pages that are so satisfying to run your hand over.

My one-year-old enjoys looking through this book to find pictures he likes so he can practice saying the words, sounds or actions. The lion is his definitely his favourite and he loves doing his best “ROOOAR!” when he spots it. He’s also started finding things in his toy box to match up with the pictures, a great activity to do with a book like this.


A gorgeous and beautifully produced book, it would make a perfect present for a new baby, one to treasure for many years.

You can see more of Jane Foster’s beautiful work on her website here


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