Little Christmas Tree by Jessica Courtney-Tickle & Ruth Symons

Little Christmas Tree is a stunning picture book from Jessica Courtney-Tickle, written by Ruth Symons and published by Big Picture Press.


Centred around a Christmas tree in a wintery woodland, this book follows the quiet goings on in nature from dawn till dusk. Short and descriptive rhyming text flows beautifully through the book and matches the exquisite illustrations perfectly.


There are at least three flaps on each page that are so cleverly concealed within the pictures it’s a delight every time you find one to open. We actually missed a couple on our first read so it was lovely to discover more the next time we picked this one up. The flaps reveal plants, animals and other sights you might see in the woods at this time of year that are clearly labelled for little ones to learn. My four-year-old was really intrigued about the hibernating bee.


The illustrations are wonderful, the detail and the colour that is contained within the pages create a truly magical winter wonderland. The little Christmas tree in particular stands out with its silver foil decorations.


As the title suggests this is obviously a Christmas book but what I find really refreshing is how elegant and subtle the Christmas theme is incorporated. At such a busy time when there is so much happening it is really lovely to go back to nature and appreciate the natural beauty of this season through Jessica Courtney-Tickle’s fabulous book.

A stunning celebration of nature in all its glory that is sure to fill you with a cosy Christmassy feeling.

You can see more from Jessica Courtney-Tickle on her website here.

Many thanks to Big Picture Press for sending a free copy of this book for review.

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  1. That sounds lovely! I still need to buy my niece and nephew a book each for Christmas and this would be perfect for one of them.


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