Town and Country by Craig Shuttlewood

What things are different in the town and the country? What things are the same? Town and Country by Craig Shuttlewood is a unique book published by Ivy Kids that explores towns and the countryside. This is really two books in one, filled with bright and lively scenes from towns, but when you turn the book upside down you see the same... Continue Reading →

Midnight at the Zoo by Faye Hanson

Midnight at the Zoo is a fantastically magical picture book by Faye Hanson, published by Templar Publishing. Max and Mia couldn't be more excited because today is THE day, they are going on a school trip to the zoo! The whole class are let loose, running through the zoo, eager to see the animals. The only trouble is, there... Continue Reading →

One Hundred Sausages by Yuval Zommer

One Hundred Sausages is a gorgeous picture book by Yuval Zommer, published by Templar Publishing it's the the second book featuring the lovable Scruff. Scruff is a dog with one love in this world, sausages. His favourite place is standing outside the butcher's, dreaming of eating all the sausages in the window. Sausages are all he thinks about, he even... Continue Reading →

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