One Hundred Sausages by Yuval Zommer

One Hundred Sausages is a gorgeous picture book by Yuval Zommer, published by Templar Publishing it’s the the second book featuring the lovable Scruff.


Scruff is a dog with one love in this world, sausages. His favourite place is standing outside the butcher’s, dreaming of eating all the sausages in the window. Sausages are all he thinks about, he even dreams about them.


One morning he heads off to the butcher’s as usual but horror of horrors, all the sausages have been stolen! With Scruff’s love for sausages so well known in the town he becomes the prime suspect. Desperate to clear his name, Scruff rounds up his very own doggy detective gang who set off to discover the real sausage thief. Will the real criminal be caught and justice served? And, will Scruff ever get to sample any of those yummy sausages?

Full of bright, colourful illustrations that are full of fun, they perfectly compliment this light-hearted story. This a dog’s-eye-view story, with every image drawn from dog level, humans are shown only from the chest down.


After all, who needs humans stealing the show when we have these charming dogs, illustrated with so much expression. We loved tagging along as they follow the trail of the thief. This double page image of the town is our favourite and we even spotted some clues left behind.


An exciting whodunnit that is funny and completely engaging, Scruff the wonder dog will fast become a favourite. And just to add, as vegetarians, we were particularly pleased that “yummy, scrummy veggie” sausages are included in Scruff’s list of favourite sausages to eat.

Many thanks to Templar Publishing for sending a copy of this book for review.

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  1. The illustrations are superb and the story sounds like it will be simple but good fun too. I wonder if they still make tomato sausages – fond memories of them from my childhood.


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