Really Feely Books from DK Books – Baby Animals & Farm

Spring is almost definitely here and these board books from DK Books are the perfect way to introduce very young children to the new sights and sounds of the season. Baby Animals and Farm are part of a new series of Really Feely books.


These incredibly tactile books are a delight for little hands with so many different textures and raised pictures to feel. From the front covers with their bumpy letters and glittery footprints to the pages full of gorgeous pictures of fluffy and furry animals. As you can see, my one-year-old can’t keep his hands off them!


Each double page introduces a different animal; on one side the animal has a feely patch to stroke whilst on the opposite page the animals face has bumps and lines that replicate their markings.


As well as the touchy-feely elements these books also share lots of details about the animals; the names of their young, descriptions of how they look and feel and even the shape of their footprints.


One thing that stands out in these books is the breadth of language used in the descriptions; the donkey foal’s fur is tufty, the piglet’s back is bristly and the sheep’s wool is cosy. Young children love to hear new words and this is a brilliant way to expand their vocabularies.


Nice and compact, these books are a great size for little hands with thick, chunky pages that are easy to turn. Full of accessible information and bright pictures, they are perfect for little ones who are starting to explore their wider environment.

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