Follow the Trail from DK Books – Minibeasts & Baby Dinosaurs

Baby Dinosaurs and Minibeasts are two brilliant new books from the Follow the Trail series by DK Books.

Straight away little ones are invited to take a peek through a small hole on the front cover where they can discover what creatures are waiting for them.  This lovely feature is repeated throughout the book with a hole on every page teasing you to see what’s next. The little holes are also great to help small hands turn the pages.


With bright illustrations and tactile features these books introduce young children to the topics providing lots of information about their lives, habitats and the way their unique bodies move.


We join each creature on a journey, following them as the sparkly, bumpy lines zigzag, loop and swirl up and down the pages. This offers a challenge to younger children as they develop their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. The lines are paired with lots of descriptive directional language too.


As well as being full of interesting facts, the theme of shapes runs through the books with a glittery shape around an object on each page. Children can trace their fingers over a triangular volcano, a square beehive or an oval dinosaur egg.


We really like the details about the animals, especially the dinosaurs. My four-year-old loves to hear about how big they all are compared to buses and cars and how their horns and spikes helped them in fights. The choice of dinosaurs was really interesting with some we hadn’t heard of before; Tuojiangosaurus for instance (all the dinosaurs names are also written phonetically, very handy for adults!)


The last page brings all the creatures we’ve met and the knowledge we’ve gained together for a fun matching game across a tangle of trails.


Packed full of information, colourful illustrations and with tactile lines and shapes to feel, these are the perfect hands-on books for learning about dinosaurs and minibeasts.

Many thanks to DK Books for sending copies of these books for review. 

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  1. These books are fabulous! And I love that they are aimed at preschoolers – the non-fiction genre for younger ones seems to be on the rise! BookBairn loves reading these: she always insists on reading the ladybird one whilst I have the dinosaur one! Such a bossy boots! #readwithme


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