Blown Away by Rob Biddulph

Blown Away by Rob Biddulph and published by Harper Collins is the story of an adventurous penguin and his pals.


Penguin Blue is taking his kite out for its first flight. Unfortunately, the wind is so strong that it takes him, kite in hand, up into the air. What follows is an extraordinary adventure involving all of Penguin Blue’s friends as they try to stop the kite’s flight.

The gang find themselves landing in a jungle on a tropical island where the hot climate is too much for these ice dwellers. They soon feel homesick so Penguin Blue thinks up a plan but will they ever make it back to the South Pole?

The illustrations are fantastic, bright and full of detail; from the lines of the waves in the ocean to the skilfully drawn expressions of the animals. Starting with the plain white background of the Antarctic, the illustrations build up as the story goes on reaching a crescendo of colour as the South Pole adventurers reach the island.

Rich in descriptive language, the rhythmic text flows effortlessly and is full of punchy, short sentences and subtle humour. The brilliance of this book is how much there is to see on every re-read; spotting where Wilbur the seal’s washing ends up after it follows the gang all the way to the jungle and the cheeky little monkey who is hatching his own plan to stowaway to the South Pole.

Little ones will adore the lovable Penguin Blue, a wonderful story of friendship and adventure; one to read and enjoy again and again.

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