Rain by Sam Usher

As a grown ups we often groan when we wake to see torrential rain. However for children, everything is an opportunity for an adventure. This is definitely true for one little boy in Rain by Sam Usher, published by Templar Publishing.


In this book we meet the same little boy and his grandad who adventure in Sam Usher’s previous title, Snow. As in Snow the little boy is much more enthusiastic about the weather and is practically bursting with excitement when he sees so much water outside his window.

He tries and tries to convince his grandad to come out and play but just like many grown ups, grandad is less than keen to head out into the rain. He manages to put his grandson off until the rain stops at least and then they head out on a voyage to discover the floating city.

The illustrations are stunning, images of raindrops and water are skilfully drawn and a clever use of reflections offer wonderful perspectives.

In many of the images a character or an object appears at the side, with half missing over the edge of the page, adding so much more space to the scene and allowing the reader’s imagination to take over.

A beautiful book of adventure and imagination with many children’s most loyal playmate, their grandad.

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  1. I love the illustration on the front cover. So many adults are reluctant to go out in the rain and kids just can’t understand that!


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