Sun by Sam Usher

Is there anything more exciting than waking up to a beautiful sunny day? The young boy in Sun would almost certaibly agree as he knows a day like this is perfect for an adventure with his grandad. Published by Templar Publishing this is the third title by Sam Usher in this weather based series following on from Snow and Rain.


With their provisions packed they set off looking for the perfect place for a picnic. They search for somewhere picturesque but as the hot sun beats down grandad has to keep stopping for a rest and looks for somewhere a bit cooler.


Eventually they find it, the perfect spot, although some pirates have beaten them to it. But with the sun in the sky everyone is in good spirits and there is plenty of food and space to share. The presence of pirates in books is always welcomed by my four-year-old. When he spotted them on the first read he took a sharp intake of breath and whispered, “Pirates!” So it’s no surprise that this is one of our favourite pictures and one that is characteristic of Usher’s work; where imagination and reality are one and the same playing out in fantastic detail.


Images like this are great in picture books, with so much to spot they offer the reader something new at each read as well as plenty of opportunity to develop language. Our particular favourite is the monkey who is so hanging from the side of the ship by his tail with a cake in each hand and foot.

An incredibly talented artist, Sam Usher creates beautiful watercolour scenes that convey the heat of sunlight with great swathes of colour dominating the pages.


The relationship between grandparent and grandchild is unique, one that creates memories that will be treasured for a lifetime and it is delicately portrayed in the tender and charming illustrations.


This is a perfect addition to a beautiful series, heart-warming and full of adventure. A joy to share with little ones as you immerse yourself in the innocence and pure joy of childhood adventures.

Buy a copy of Sun from Waterstones.

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  1. I’ve been looking for stories about grandparents and grandchildren and this looks lovely. Great timely post 🙂


    1. Oh well this is perfect, the little boy had such a gorgeous relationship with his grandad. Have a look for the first two books in the series, Snow and Rain which feature the same little boy and his grandad. #readwithme


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