Wildlife in your Garden by Mike Dilger & Sarah Horne

Wildlife in your Garden is the perfect companion for exploring the outdoors. Written by naturalist Mike Dilger, illustrated by Sarah Horne and published by Bloomsbury this is a comprehensive but accessible guide to wildlife for children.


The great outdoors is split into different areas in this book so depending on what your garden or the outdoor space that you’re adventuring in is like there is a section for you. A brilliance in design as rather than having to flick through all the birds and then all the insects for instance, you can stay in your section finding all the wildlife together. Maybe you’re searching through a wooded area, pond dipping or simply looking through a humble flowerbed, wherever you are you’ll find out about the wildlife that live there in this book.


From the tiniest insects to larger mammals this book covers all the wildlife you’re likely to see in the UK in perfectly sized chunks of detail. Whether you just want to identify a blackbird from a starling or find out which insect leaves those funny spit bubbles on plants* there is something for every level here.


For those really keen explorers there are whole pages dedicated to different types of bees, moths and woodlice (I for one had no idea there were different types of woodlice) where they’re found, what they do and how they live.


There are so many opportunities for learning from the outdoors with this book; pond dipping, bird spotting, bug hunting or even just sitting outside somewhere and waiting to see what you can spot. Each section even provides guidance on constructing wildlife friendly areas and plants to encourage and support them.


With a brilliant mix of photographs and fun illustrations this book is a visual delight, as rich in colour and stlye as it is in detail. Appealing and easy to navigate this is a perfect reference book for children.

We’ve been using this book to in our outdoor adventures and we’re getting pretty good at spotting and identifying wildlife. Here’s just a few that we’ve found and actually managed to photograph.


What wildlife discoveries have you made with your little ones? Leave a comment to compare notes.

*It’s a Common Froghopper in case you wanted to know…

Buy the book from Waterstones.

Many thanks to Bloomsbury for sending a copy of this book for review.

This post contains affiliate links that won’t change the way you shop but might make us a little bit of money… that we will probably spend on more books.

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  1. What an interesting book! I think BookBairn would love it although she’s probably still a little young!
    And sorry I hadn’t said before but love the new clean look of the blog – very professional looking! Love and book hugs xx #readwithme


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