Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System by Dr Dominic Walliman & Ben Newman

Professor Astro Cat is is the creation of Dr Dominic Walliman and Ben Newman, a super smart feline who takes all things science and explains them in a unique and captivating way. His latest offering, Solar System is aimed at a slightly younger audience.


The secrets of the solar system are unwrapped across the stylish pages of this book with a full double page spread dedicated to each planet; even the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is included. Starting at the Sun we head out far into space making new discoveries along the way.


Did you know that there is ice on Mercury? That Saturn could float on water? Or that one of Jupiter’s moons is the most likely place to have extraterrestrial life?


The illustrations accompanying the facts and are simple, clear and brilliantly effective – just enough to get imaginations fired up. Ben Newman’s distinctive artwork is immediately engaging, bold shapes and bright colours set against a background of brilliant blues.


This book has been aimed specifically for younger readers which is fantastic as good non fiction for pre-schoolers can be tricky to find. This has been tried and tested by my own four-year-old and it is safe to say it has definitely passed the test. Like a lot of children (and adults) he is fascinated by space and there is just the right amount of information in this book to fulfill his craving for knowledge and inspire him to find out more. He isn’t able to read independently yet but the information is conveyed so well through the illustrations that he will happily sit and pore over it on his own.

The Professor Astro Cat books are produced with exceptional quality and this one doesn’t disappoint, with thick pages and a subtly tactile cover it is a book to treasure.

You can find out more about Dr Dominic Walliman on his website here.

You can see more of Ben Newman’s unique art work on his website here.

Buy the book from Waterstones.

Many thanks to Flying Eye Books for sending a copy of this book for review.

This post contains affiliate links that won’t change the way you shop but might make us a little bit of money… that we will probably spend on more books.

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