5 Reasons Why We Love PJ Library

Once a month we get a very special bit of book post. It comes in a big white envelope with the blue logo of PJ Library in the top corner and is always met with excitement from my boys. Inside the envelope we know there will be a brand new book to add to our... Continue Reading →

Books and Activities for Tu Bishvat

Tu Bishvat is a Jewish festival that celebrates trees and the start of spring. During this festival we appreciate trees and the environment through planting new trees and eating fruits that grow on them. And of course, we have some books to share that are perfect for this festival. It's Tu B'Shevat by Edie Stoltz Zolkower, illustrated... Continue Reading →

The Last Chip by Duncan Beedie

The Last Chip, written and illustrated by Duncan Beedie and published by Templar Publishing is a beautiful tale about a little pigeon who conveys a big message.   Percy is a small pigeon who is always hungry but life is tough on the streets when it comes to food, there always seems to be bigger, stronger birds who beat... Continue Reading →

The Picture Atlas by Simon Holland & Jill Calder

The Picture Atlas by Simon Holland, illustrated by Jill Calder and published by Bloomsbury is a true adventure trip around planet earth. Split into continents, this book travels every inch of the globe to bring us details of the people and places around the world. The pages are filled with vibrant and detailed illustrations of maps annotated with landmarks, cultural symbols,... Continue Reading →

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