Grandma Z by Daniel Gray-Barnett

Grandma Z is a distinctive and imaginative picture book by Daniel Gray-Barnett, published by Scribble Kids Books and we are delighted to take part in the Grandma Z blog tour.

Grandma Z Daniel Gray-Barnett Scribble Books

Birthday’s are meant to be special days right? Cake, presents, parties? Sadly, for little Albert his birthday’s were as ordinary as every other day. With a Dad who doesn’t like mess and a Mum who doesn’t like noise, Albert has to settle for a much more sedate affair; pulling on his grey birthday socks and eating a birthday piece of toast.

Ordinary grey birthday Grandma Z Daniel Gray-Barnett Scribble Kids Books

Albert closes his eyes and imagines a big slice of chocolate cherry ripple cake, with a birthday candle in it, just for him and makes a wish… No sooner has he opened his eyes when there is a knock at the door and Grandma Z appears.

Grandma Z appears in Grandma Z Daniel Gray-Barnett Scribble Kids Books.jpg

Dressed in her huge blue coat with matching glasses and bright orange hair, Grandma Z is an imposing character who is full of life and can’t wait to take Albert out on her motorbike for some rather less than ordinary birthday adventures.

Exploring palaces in Grandma Z Daniel Gray-Barnett Scribble Kids BooksRiding the big dipper in Grandma Z Daniel Gray-Barnett Scribble Kids Books

When Albert returns home the magic and excitement of his day out with Grandma Z stays with him and Albert’s ordinary life in his ordinary town which was grey and dull at the beginning of the book is now filled with the enchanting colours of Grandma Z; oranges and blues.

There’s no one quite like your grandparents and there’s definitely no one like Grandma Z. Her adventures with Albert burst from the pages with a limited but vibrant colour palette, out of the ordinary illustrations to match Albert’s out of the ordinary birthday.

Flying and birdwatching in Grandma Z Daniel Gray-Barnett Scribble Kids Books

A perfect story for children to share with their grandparents and to inspire their imaginations.

Birthday Cake Pretend Play Ideas

We love birthdays and were inspired by Albert’s imagined chocolate cherry ripple cake to play pretend birthdays and dream up our own wild and wonderful cakes.

Rather than attempt to make up actual cake recipes to eat we used playdough in bun cases and gathered any craft materials we thought would work well for decorations.

Playdough pom poms beads and candles to decorate playdough birthday cakes Birthday cake pretend play ideas

We also dug out some used birthday cake candles from the cupboard for the finishing touches. My boys had a great time mixing the colours of playdough together to create fantastical birthday cakes. Using playdough is a great way to encourage fine motor development and I gave the boys an option to practice their skills further with a pair of plastic tweezers to put the decorations on.

Once their cakes were finished it was great to hear them initiate conversations about whose birthday the cakes were for which was followed by us all singing happy birthday to lots of different people they know many times over!

Birthday cake pretend play ideas playdough

Thank you for joining us for our stop on the Grandma Z blog tour, be sure to follow the rest of the tour with exclusive content from these fellow bloggers:

Grandma Z Daniel Gray-Barnett Scribble Books Blog tour

Find out more about Daniel Gray-Barnett on his website here.
Follow on Twitter – @dgraybarnett or Instagram @dgraybarnett.

Many thanks to Scribble Kids Books for sending a copy of Grandma Z for review.

Birthday cake pretend play ideas



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