Picture Books for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and to help us get into the spirit we have been reading our favourite spooky picture books and put them together for you in this special Halloween post.

Picture Books for Halloween Acorn Books

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, published by Macmillan Children’s Books

Room on the Broom Julia Donaldson Axel Scheffler Halloween picture book

First up is one of the most read books in our house whether it’s Halloween or not. The wonderful rhyming tale of Julia Donaldson’s witch and her cat who keep losing things whilst flying in a storm but gain some extra friends who all want to squeeze onto the broom. Once the broom gets too heavy the witch finds herself in a sticky situation with a dragon but how can her new friends help to save her?

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Ten Spooky Skeletons by Garry Parsons, published by Caterpillar Books 

Ten Spooky Skeletons Garry Parsons Halloween picture book

This was a library find when we were on the hunt for spooky books, a counting book with a spooky difference and lots of little surprises and funny details in the illustrations.

We meet one skeleton who is all on his own and follow him on a skelly-journey as he sets off to look for some friends. On each page he meets one more friend in a different adventure; circus acrobatics, hiding in a treehouse and even travelling through time. A small portion of each scene is cleverly cut out that gives the reader a peek through to the next adventure.

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Funnybones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, published by Puffin Books

Janet and Allan Ahlberg Funnybones Halloween picture book

A true classic, this story has been enjoyed by children for nearly 40 years and it was an instant hit with my boys too. Big skeleton, little skeleton and dog skeleton head out into the night looking for adventure and someone to scare, the only trouble is everyone else is asleep. So they head to the zoo to hang out with the skeleton animals, play in the park and end up scaring each other silly before heading home.

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Hugo Makes a Change by Scott Emmons and Mauro Gatti, published by Flying Eye Books

Hugo Makes a Change Scott Emmons Mauro Gatti Flying Eye Books Halloween picture book

Hugo is a little vampire who just loves to eat, with meat being his food of choice. However, he starts to notice that his stomach is bloated and he’s too sluggish to do anything so he sets off to explore new foods.

At first he is not impressed with the vegetables he finds but a sweet, red apple soon changes his mind. And all of a sudden, Hugo is enjoying a healthy and varied diet and is much happier for it. Although he very wisely steers clear of any garlic.

This book inspired us to make some spooky healthy snacks, you can find out more in our original post here.

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Meg and Mog by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pieńkowski, published by Puffin Books

Meg and Mog witch stories Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski Halloween picture book

Another classic picture book for this time of year; Meg the witch and her cat Mog find themselves in all kinds of bother in these short and engaging stories. With a simple text and bright illustrations these stories are perfect for very young children or those who don’t have a very long attention span for longer stories. Our favourite story is Meg’s Eggs where Meg tries to cook eggs for tea but accidentally manages to hatch out three dinosaurs instead.

Take a look at the Meg and Mog collection of stories on Wordery.

Four Silly Skeletons by Mark Sperring and Sue Hendra, published by Bloomsbury

Four Silly Skeletons Mark Sperring Sue Hendra Halloween picture book

The fearless foursome; Fred, Sid, Belle and Bill love to be silly, from playing tennis indoors to juggling with eggs and they always leave a wave of destruction in their wake. Luckily, they have their reliable Auntie June nearby to clear up their mess.

However one night, giddy from dancing in the moonlight, the skeletons are too excited to sleep. Against the advice of the ever sensible Auntie June, they head out into the darkness, dancing away and totally oblivious to the….“GREAT BIG DROP!”

Written in rhyme, the words dance and bounce across the pages with goofy and riotous illustrations to match. A brilliantly funny story full of silliness.

Buy Four Silly Skeletons from Wordery.

This post contains affiliate links that won’t change the way you shop but might make us a little bit of money… that we will probably spend on more books.

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