Brilliant Christmas Books for Children

Christmas is nearly upon us and we’ve rounded up some of our favourite festive books to share and keep children entertained during the holidays.

Brilliant Christmas Books for Children

A Tiny Little Story: Christmas by Lisa Jones and Edward Underwood, published by Nosy Crow

A Tiny Little Story Christmas Lisa Jones Edward Underwood Nosy Crow Babys first Christmas

If you know a little one who will be celebrating their first Christmas this year why not introduce them to the holiday with this gorgeous tactile book. Join Baby Boo at Christmas time as he builds snowmen and waits for Santa. A vibrant cloth book that is perfect for babies to enjoy and get into the Christmas spirit.

Baby Boo A Tiny Little Story Christmas Lisa Jones Edward Underwood Nosy Crow Babys first Christmas

Buy A Tiny Little Story: Christmas from Wordery.

Make & Play Nativity by Joey Chou, published by Nosy Crow


This sturdy, spiral bound board book is perfect to help teach young children the story of the nativity in an interactive and engaging way. Beautifully illustrated press out pieces with clear instructions allow you to make your very own nativity scene.


Once you’ve read the Christmas story and built your scene this book also contains suggestions for activities and the words to well known songs. An innovative and stunning book, thoughtfully produced to the high standard we have come to expect from Nosy Crow. This would make an excellent gift and is sure to provide enjoyment at Christmas for many years.

Buy Make and Play: Nativity from Wordery.

Oliver Elephant by Lou Peacock, illustrated by Helen Stephens and published by Nosy Crow

Oliver Elephant Lou Peacock Helen Stephens Nosy Crow

This is one of our favourite picture books, so much so that it stays out all year round. Noah, his mummy and his little sister are heading out Christmas shopping and while Noah’s mummy works through her list Noah enjoys playing with his favourite toy, Oliver Elephant. With all their presents bought they stop in a cafe for a well deserved cake but when they come to leave Oliver Elephant is nowhere to be found. The family retrace their steps and search high and low for him only to find he’s been hiding with them all along.

Christmas shopping in Oliver Elephant Lou Peacock Helen Stephens Nosy Crow

A beautifully cosy book that is perfect for cuddling up with, I only wish I could be as efficient at present shopping as Noah’s mummy.

Buy Oliver Elephant from Wordery.

The Anti-Boredom Christmas Book by Andy Seed, illustrated by Scott Garrett and published by Bloomsbury

The Anti Boredom Christmas Book Andy Seed Scott Garrett Bloomsbury

Andy Seed is a master when it comes to creating engaging non fiction books for children and in this book his Anti-Boredom series takes on Christmas. If you’re busy preparing for guests arriving, heading on long journeys or just need a few quiet moments so you can wrap some final presents then this is the perfect book to keep your kids occupied.

Packed full of facts, quizzes, jokes and games the Anti-Boredom books show that you don’t need to spend a lot or do a lot of preparation to enjoy great activities; sometimes the simplest things can bring about the most joy.

Buy The Anti-Boredom Christmas Book from Wordery.

Refuge by Anne Booth, illustrated by Sam Usher and published by Nosy Crow

Refuge Anne Booth Sam Usher Nosy Crow

Written to raise money for War Child and inspired by the journeys of child refugees, this retelling of the Christmas story is told from the point of view of the donkey carrying a refugee family with their newborn baby. The story focuses on the search for the kindness of strangers that the family rely on during their journey and is incredibly moving. Gently told with beautiful illustrations this is a poignant story and a great talking point to build empathy and understanding about the lives of refugees.

Buy Refuge from Wordery.

The First Christmas Jumper (and the Sheep Who Changed Everything) by Ryan Tubridy, illustrated by Chris Judge and published by Walker Books

The First Christmas Jumper and the Sheep Who Changed Everything Ryan Tubridy Chris Judge Walker Books

Ever wondered who started the Christmas jumper trend? Well you might be surprised to learn that it all began with a sheep called Hillary and her multi-coloured wool. Hillary loves Christmas and she is desperate to impress Santa by providing him with the perfect wool for his Christmas jumper.

Full of more sheep puns than you ever knew existed, this is a brilliant and funny read with plenty of lively illustrations that break up the text making it a great read for newly independent readers.

Buy The First Christmas Jumper (and the Sheep Who Changed Everything) from Wordery.

Beano Christmas Jumper Activity Book published by Studio Press

Beano Christmas Jumper Activity Book Templar Publishing

Written in partnership with Save the Children for their annual Christmas Jumper Day on December the 14th, Beano Studios have brought out a fun packed activity book for all your little rebels and mischief makers this Christmas.

Full of puzzles, jokes and pranks as well as lots of creative activities such as designing your own Christmas jumper and plenty of colourful stickers too. This is a great treat for Beano fans and a brilliant way to keep them busy during those cold, wet days during the Christmas holidays.

Puzzles in Beano Christmas Jumper Activity Book Templar Publishing

Buy Beano Christmas Jumper Activity Book from Wordery.

We bought these copies of Oliver Elephant and Refuge but would like to thank; Nosy Crow for sending copies of A Tiny Little Story and Make and Play: Nativity, Walker Books for sending a copy of The First Christmas Jumper, Studio Press for sending a copy of the Beano Christmas Jumper Activity Book and Bloomsbury for sending a copy of The Anti-Boredom Book of Christmas for review. 

This post contains affiliate links that won’t change the way you shop but might make us a little bit of money… that we will probably spend on more books.

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  1. Lovely to find this on my Blogmas hop. The nativity scene is very cute and I must check out Refuge. One of my favourites this year is Grandpa Christmas. I think it will endure the test of time and it captures the love we feel for people who are no longer with us.


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