Party Animals by Cléa Dieudonné

Everyone loves a party and this fabulous book is a party with a real difference: Party Animals by Cléa Dieudonné, published by Thames & Hudson.


The Hoopoe bird is celebrating her birthday today, she’s 10 years old and throwing a huge party for all her animal friends. Everyone piles in to help get the party started with the alpaca and gazelle blowing up balloons, wolf and albatross singing happy birthday and flying squirrels performing an astonishing dance.

This party is definitely one of a kind and the way this book is read is something altogether different too. Instead of turning the pages, this book folds out, and out… and out! And as the book opens out the picture gets bigger and taller with almost two metres of continuous illustration.

Birthday cake in Party Animals fold out picture book by Clea Dieudonne Thames and Hudson

With new animals joining the party at every page turn this party just gets bigger, and the guests don’t just join the party, they add to it as the tower of balancing animals gets taller and taller. The colourful and vibrant illustrations are full of lots of details and interactions so there are so many things to spot and look for.

Giraffe blowing balloons in Party Animals fold out picture book by Clea Dieudonne Thames and Hudson

The text of the story is decorated with mini illustrations of all the animals at the party which provides lots of opportunities for little ones to explore the pictures, spark their imaginations and talk about what they find. It’s also great for adults who can easily answer all the questions about which animal is which, anyone know what a quokka looks like? No, me neither!

Animals in Party Animals fold out picture book by Clea Dieudonne Thames and Hudson

This would be a perfect book for little ones who find it difficult to sit and listen to stories as they can enjoy folding the pages out along the floor and moving around to spot the different animals. A fun and exciting book that is sure to bring hours of entertainment, and with the added novelty of the huge picture, this book definitely has the wow factor.

You can see more of Cléa Dieudonné’s work as well as more examples of brilliant fold out books on her website here.

Buy Party Animals from Waterstones.

Many thanks to Thames & Hudson for sending a copy of this book for review. 

This post contains affiliate links that won’t change the way you shop but might make us a little bit of money… that we will probably spend on more books.


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