Dragon Post by Emma Yarlett

Dragon Post by Emma Yarlett, published by Walker Books is a truly marvellous picture book about a little boy and his new friend, a dragon.

Dragon Post Emma Yarlett interactive picture book Walker Books letter writing with children

One day Alex heads into his basement and finds a dragon. A brilliant result for him as he’s always wanted a dragon! The only trouble is figuring out how he’d be able to keep it without it burning the house down, eating everything or roaring so loudly it upsets the neighbours.

Alex finds a dragon in his basement in Dragon Post Emma Yarlett interactive picture book Walker Books letter writing with children

So Alex decides to write some letters to the most responsible, learned people and organisations he can think of for their dragon advice. The advice is a real mixed big with the fire brigade suggesting to keep the dragon wet pretty much all the time, World Animal Welfare advising Alex to move somewhere larger like a castle and one particularly experimental butcher who seemed a bit too keen on sampling dragon meat.

Interactive open out letters in Dragon Post Emma Yarlett interactive picture book Walker Books letter writing with children

Despite his best efforts, and following a very wise letter from his best friend, Alex begins to realise that his house is not the best place for a dragon and is faced with the tough decision of letting the dragon go. He may not have a dragon in his house anymore but he has a dragon friend in his life for keeps.

Funny and vibrant illustrations in Dragon Post Emma Yarlett interactive picture book Walker Books letter writing with children

Emma Yarlett’s fun and vibrant illustrations are instantly appealing, imaginative and full of warmth with plenty of little details. This gorgeous book is made all the more enticing with the actual letters sitting in envelopes waiting to be pulled out and read as part of the story. The design and attention to detail throughout the book, including the letters is superb, and there’s plenty of subtle humour for adults to enjoy. The paper is lovely and thick too so it is sure to withstand many little hands opening the letters again and again.

A real triumph of a picture book, superbly produced with a fantastic interactive element.

This book would be a great way to introduce the art of letter writing to children, with so much of our lives online and the ease of connecting via social media it’s likely that many children don’t send or receive many letters these days. There is something so exciting about a letter arriving through the post and here are a few ideas of who your little ones might want to write to:

  • A relative they don’t see very often.
  • A friend – even if they see that friend regularly, writing letters is a great way to build on their friendship and share stories they may miss when they’re busy playing.
  • Do they have a favourite hobby or a particular interest? If so, they could write a letter to an organisation or charity related to it and ask questions to find out more.
  • Write to an author! If your child loves books by a particular author then they could write to them and tell them. Try contacting them through the publishers who are usually happy to send letters on to them.

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You can see more of Emma Yarlett’s beautiful work on her website emmayarlett.com or follow her on Twitter @EmmaYarlett and Instagram @emmayarlett.

Many thanks to Walker Books for sending a copy of this book for review.

This post contains affiliate links that won’t change the way you shop but might make us a little bit of money… that we will probably spend on more books.

13 thoughts on “Dragon Post by Emma Yarlett

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  1. This looks a delightful book. I tried to introduce my boys to letter writing but failed really. They used to write very short thank you letters and holiday postcards but now they have slipped to just one-line thank you emails that say no more than “Thank you for X from child” #reawithme


  2. This sounds lovely! I particularly like the idea of the actual letters for children to open. I will have to remember this one for my nephew’s birthday. I still make my kids right thank you letters after every birthday and Christmas. They are 17, 15 and 12 and they hate doing it, but I say if people take the time to buy you a present, you can take the time to say thank you!


  3. We adore dragon post, it’s so much fun and the interactive value is great- Littlefae likes comparing the letter styles and the names as she’s beginning to understand puns!


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