There Are Bugs Everywhere by Britta Teckentrup

There Are Bugs Everywhere published by Big Picture Press is the second in this series of innovative non fiction titles from Britta Teckentrup.

Whatever you might call them; bugs, insects or minibeasts, they are a constant source of wonder for little people and this book builds on that first fascination whilst also encouraging a deeper appreciation of the wonderful world of bugs.

Stretching beyond the usual bugs you might expect to find in your house or garden, this book takes us to meet new and wonderful bugs from all over the world. From rainforests and deserts to mountains and the polar landscapes of Anartica; bugs really are everywhere!

There are hundreds of fascinating and record breaking facts to discover that are sure to please young children with an appetite for information; did you know the horned dung beetle is the strongest bug? Or that some beetles can pretend to be dead to avoid being eaten?

A really interesting aspect of this book is that it also touches on bugs through time; from what we know about bugs in prehistoric times through the study of fossils to the different ways humans have used or been inspired by them.

Younger children will enjoy Britta Teckentrup’s joyful and engaging illustrations while they soak up all this new knowledge and the Can you find? puzzles on each page provide a great way to encourage them to explore the beautiful images further and start discussions. Older children (and adults) can marvel at the intricate ways that bugs live, survive, reproduce and the impressive feats of nature that have allowed them to adapt to their environments.

There really is so much discover about bugs and this book provides a wonderful window for us to look through into this enormous world of tiny creatures. Finishing with a page on how vital bugs are to our world, there are also practical ideas on saving their natural habitats and encourage their populations.

Buy There Are Bugs Everywhere from Wordery with free delivery.

Many thanks to Big Picture Press for sending a copy of this book for review.

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