Plunge into the Pirate Pool by Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves – Albie is 10!

Albie, the well loved character from Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves’ books is 10 years old this year! Over the years he has been on some fantastic adventures from searching for Egyptian treasure to going to school with aliens and in his latest story, Albie is heading to ancient Rome in How to Drive a Roman Chariot.

We’re thrilled to be joining a special blog tour to celebrate Albie’s birthday where each of Albie’s books are being featured by different bloggers. Today is our stop and we’re sharing one that has been a firm favourite in our house: Plunge into the Pirate Pool.

For our post, author Caryl Hart has shared her Five Facts About Pirates:

  1. The earliest record of piracy was in the 14th century BC when a group called the Sea Peoples attacked ships in the Mediterranean.
  2. A “Jolly Roger” refers to the flag with the skull and crossbones which flies at the top of their ship’s mast – if you saw this flag you’d know the pirates were coming!
  3. Pirates had to follow a strict set of rules called the Pirate Code. A common rule was no fighting amongst pirates on board the ship, however the Pirate Code differed from ship to ship.
  4. Pirates wore eye patches so that one eye would be well-adjusted to night vision and seeing below deck (which was always gloomy and dark).
  5. The most famous and feared pirate on the high seas was Blackbeard, who was known for setting prisoners’ beards on fire! Blackbeard’s real name was Edward (or Eddie to his friends).


What would a birthday be without gifts? To add to the celebrations we have a copy of Plunge into the Pirate Pool to giveaway. Head over to our instagram @acorn_books for details of how to enter.

For more fab facts about Albie’s adventures and more giveaways make sure you’re following the tour, details below.

Buy How to Drive a Roman Chariot and Plunge into the Pirate Pool from Wordery with free delivery.

This post contains affiliate links that won’t change the way you shop but may earn us a few pennies… that we will probably spend on more books.

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