Wild by Sam Usher

Wild by Sam Usher, published by Templar Books is the latest heart warming adventure story of a young boy and his grandad.

Today is an exciting day for the boy in this book, he is looking after a cat for a friend. He has done lots of research about what cats like and is very much looking forward to it. The only trouble is the cat does what cats do best – its own thing.

After following the cat outside she leads them into a wild adventure where they find ancient ruins, luscious forests and more animals to befriend.

With their subtle introduction that builds up to a crescendo of colour and imagination, the adventures in these stories are an absolute joy. My children love to spend time looking at the beautiful double page spreads looking for all the little details as well as spotting objects from the previous stories.

One of the most wonderful aspects of these books is the relationship between the boy and his grandad. The closeness between them is sure to resonate with so many readers and sharing in the boys freedom to explore and play with a loving relative like this is a real joy.

We are big fans of Sam Usher’s work and have reviewed some of the boy and grandad’s previous adventures in Rain, Sun and Storm as well as hosting a Q&A with Sam. We’re so glad to see this pair still getting up to their adventures and can’t wait to see where they will end up next.

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Many thanks to the publisher for sending a copy of this book for review. All opinions are our own.
This post contains affiliate links that won’t chamge the way you shop but may earn us some extra pennies… that we will probably spend on books.

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