Kipper The Blue Balloon 30 Year Anniversary edition and Sensory Balloon Touch and Feel Activity

Kipper the dog is 30 this year and, to mark the occasion, Hodder Children's Books are re-releasing his first adventure: The Blue Balloon by Mick Inkpen and we are thrilled to be kicking off the blog tour to celebrate. When Kipper and his companion find a blue balloon in the garden they think it is just a normal, soggy old balloon,... Continue Reading →

Summer Holiday Activity Books

The summer holidays... have you or your kids run out of steam yet? Thinking of things to keep children entertained during these long holidays can be tiring but thankfully we have lots of inspiration for you in the shape of these excellent activity books. The Anti-Boredom Book of Brilliant Outdoor Things To Do by Andy... Continue Reading →

Grandma Z by Daniel Gray-Barnett

Grandma Z is a distinctive and imaginative picture book by Daniel Gray-Barnett, published by Scribble Kids Books and we are delighted to take part in the Grandma Z blog tour. Birthday's are meant to be special days right? Cake, presents, parties? Sadly, for little Albert his birthday's were as ordinary as every other day. With a Dad who doesn't... Continue Reading →

Picture Books for Passover

The Jewish festival of Passover falls in the spring and celebrates the Jewish people being freed from slavery in Egypt. The story of Passover tells us that when the Jews left Egypt they left in such a hurry they didn’t have time to let their bread rise. Instead, they ate unleavened bread called matzah. The... Continue Reading →

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