What’s Where on Earth Atlas

Prepare to see the world as you've never seen it before in this amazing reference book  from DK Books - What's Where on Earth Atlas. Breaking the mould of traditional atlases, this book brings the different landscapes of the world to life in brilliantly detailed 3-D maps and artwork. Starting with a chapter about the Earth... Continue Reading →

The Picture Atlas by Simon Holland & Jill Calder

The Picture Atlas by Simon Holland, illustrated by Jill Calder and published by Bloomsbury is a true adventure trip around planet earth. Split into continents, this book travels every inch of the globe to bring us details of the people and places around the world. The pages are filled with vibrant and detailed illustrations of maps annotated with landmarks, cultural symbols,... Continue Reading →

My First Fun Question and Answers

My First Fun Questions and Answers is a fabulous first reference book for children, published by Miles Kelly. As the title suggests, this book provides the answers to many questions that children have about the world. Hundreds of questions to be precise! Split in to different sections, the book covers 13 different themes with a focus on... Continue Reading →

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things

This book has a tag line that couldn't be more perfect for us, "For little learners who want to know everything". My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things from DK Books is a book packed full of facts for ages 4 and up. Even in this age of instant information there is definitely still a place for using books to discover... Continue Reading →

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