Touring Picture Book Club – Storm by Sam Usher

Welcome to October's Touring Picture Book Club and with the stormy autumnal weather we've been having recently we have a very fitting book to share with you this month. Storm by Sam Usher, published by Templar Books. Storm is the fourth in a series of books from writer and illustrator Sam Usher which follow a young boy and the... Continue Reading →

Summer Holiday Activity Books

The summer holidays... have you or your kids run out of steam yet? Thinking of things to keep children entertained during these long holidays can be tiring but thankfully we have lots of inspiration for you in the shape of these excellent activity books. The Anti-Boredom Book of Brilliant Outdoor Things To Do by Andy... Continue Reading →

Lucy Ladybird by Sharon King-Chai

Treating everyone equally is such an incredibly important message to instill in our children from a very young age. And in Lucy Ladybird by Sharon King-Chai this is the main theme. Published by Templar Publishing it is a beautifully colourful book about embracing and celebrating difference. Lucy Ladybird has no spots. She looks at her fellow ladybirds and wishes she could be... Continue Reading →

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