One Hundred Sausages by Yuval Zommer

One Hundred Sausages is a gorgeous picture book by Yuval Zommer, published by Templar Publishing it's the the second book featuring the lovable Scruff. Scruff is a dog with one love in this world, sausages. His favourite place is standing outside the butcher's, dreaming of eating all the sausages in the window. Sausages are all he thinks about, he even... Continue Reading →

How to Hide a Lion by Helen Stephens at NiddFest

How to Hide a Lion written and illustrated by Helen Stephens (published by Alison Green Books, Scholastic) is a funny story about a little girl called Iris and her new friend, a lion. The lion in question arrived in Iris's town, quite innocently, looking to buy a hat but for some reason the people of the town were completely terrified and... Continue Reading →

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