Touring Picture Book Club – Storm by Sam Usher

Welcome to October's Touring Picture Book Club and with the stormy autumnal weather we've been having recently we have a very fitting book to share with you this month. Storm by Sam Usher, published by Templar Books. Storm is the fourth in a series of books from writer and illustrator Sam Usher which follow a young boy and the... Continue Reading →

Sun by Sam Usher

Is there anything more exciting than waking up to a beautiful sunny day? The young boy in Sun would almost certaibly agree as he knows a day like this is perfect for an adventure with his grandad. Published by Templar Publishing this is the third title by Sam Usher in this weather based series following on from Snow and Rain. With... Continue Reading →

Rain by Sam Usher

As a grown ups we often groan when we wake to see torrential rain. However for children, everything is an opportunity for an adventure. This is definitely true for one little boy in Rain by Sam Usher, published by Templar Publishing. In this book we meet the same little boy and his grandad who adventure in Sam Usher's previous... Continue Reading →

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